After School Doll-Making Programs

Fionsy Doll Party offers after school doll-making programs at different schools in Montreal. Children explore a wide variety of materials and learn new skills such as sewing, pattern making and how to use tools such as a glue gun. Classes encourage imagination, creativity and fun! Boys enjoy the experience as well. There are classes geared to younger ( grade 1, 2, 3) and older children ( grade 4, 5, 6).

Participating schools include:

  • The Priory School

  • Lower Canada College

  • St. George's

  • Willingdon

  • M.I.N.D

Make little doll furniture!

Sock Dolls!

Sock Dolls!

Take a look at one of the activities we do in after school doll club - Little doll worlds!!

Learn to sew a SOCK CAT

Learn to sew a SOCK CAT