What kind of space do I need to host a Fionsy Doll Party?

We'll need a large enough space where participants can sit in a comfortable circle on the floor or around a large table. There should be enough space to place the crafting supplies and have access to an electrical outlet to plug in a glue gun. In warmer weather, doll parties also work well in a backyard or on a large deck. 

Boys & girls enjoying doll-making outside.

Boys & girls enjoying doll-making outside.

Do guys like making Fionsy Dolls?

YES! The sky is the limit with creativity. I've had plenty of enthusiast guys enjoy making dolls, action figures, animals, warriors... don't let the word doll trip you up. Creativity is for everyone!

Why is the age 7 and up? 

Kids under 7 years old can totally make Fionsy Dolls however they need more help.  The doll-making technique we use requires the use of developed fine-motor skills, which some younger children may not have yet. With the right support, the activity can be successful with 5 & 6 year olds. At an extra cost I can bring a teen who's been making dolls with me for years to help with the younger children.

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