Memory Dolls 

I work one-on-one with people who are grieving the loss of a loved one and who may be feeling tender and sad. I gently guide them, step by step, to make a beautiful keepsake doll using their beloved's clothes, old jewels or any other cherished items. The experience can be quite healing and even playful. I am there to listen and guide, as we create the doll and a safe space for stories, tears and laughter. 

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Michelle’s Memory Doll  - by Julie 

I wanted to create something in memory of my daughter Michelle Leigh McCormick, who was born in Montreal on July 12, 1970. I  was given the opportunity to create a memory doll in her honour. I wish to add that I had no previous experience with this type of thing and was a bit nervous because I do not consider myself a crafty person.  Fiona made it so easy, with her clear and playful step by step instructions. In fact, I giggled while I made the doll. I had not felt like this since my childhood!

Michelle was a lively, friendly young girl, who loved life, animals and her friends and family, who adored her.

She had a son, John and loved music, colouring, and laughing. Her favourite colour was purple, which is why we incorporated many shades of purple in her creation.

Sadly, she contracted breast cancer at the young age of 39. It metastasized to bone cancer and she struggled through surgery, chemo, radiation and experimental drugs.

Her life ended on March 14, 2013 in Winchester, Ontario but her memory will live on forever! 

Thank you to Fiona Keats and her wonderful talent to make dolls for therapy and enjoyment. This has helped in my healing process, plus I met a wonderful friend in Fiona, to whom I shall be forever grateful!


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Each doll's heart is filled with small items to symbolize your special memories Julie placed inside her doll, a small piece of her grandson's baby blanket, a prayer and a wing of a butterfly which Michelle adored.