Meet Ruby

She animates after school doll-making programs for children aged 7 and up.


Ruby Tagney is a textile artist who graduated from the Contemporary Textile Centre of Montreal, with DEC in Textile constructions.

Her first memory of working with cloth is making a batik print at a children’s workshop when she was 5 years old.  Her creative expression now spans from traditional hand weaving to felt doll-making, embroidery, leatherwork, bead work, sewing and knitting.

She has an ease with children that has offered her the opportunity and joy of working in daycares such as Le Jardin des Anges, The Rudolf Steiner school and Over The Rainbow Daycare.

She has worked with children for years and values each stage of a child’s development.  She believes that creative play brings peace and joy, and a sense of satisfaction and happiness that can come only from free play. She values the inspiration that occurs when children are given time and space to explore and create with fabrics, colours and textures.

Most recently her work at L’Atelier Artisant de Montreal has given her a rewarding experience in guiding and holding space for a creative group to produce individual creations at each their own rhythm.