Fionsy's Dolls

I make folk-art dolls using old clothes, wool, jewellery and other recycled odds & ends. Over the years I've enjoyed making dolls for friends and loved ones to mark significant milestones and experiences in their lives.  I'd be happy to make you a doll. Contact me for details. 


For Mavis

I had so much fun making this dollie for Mavis' 5th birthday! I love her reversible skirt and sassy attitude.


For Mumsy

This doll was inspired by fabric from Thailand. My mum took me on a trip to South East Asia for my 40th birthday and I made her this doll to thank her. I so admire her adventurous spirit. Love you mumsy. xo


For Walter

I made this little guy for my beloved step-father Walter when he was struggling with cancer. Walter Loved purple and I loved him.

Kathy's Fionsy doll.jpg

For Kathy

I made this doll for my friend Kathryn Aitken in 2011. Kathy is an incredible women who's been instrumental in co-creating the Transition NDG network. She inspires me with her dedication to creating community resilience and her gift of bringing people together.


Ode to Mrs. Ravanel

This doll was made for a dear friend's mum. The painting on the left is a miniature version of the first painting her mum ever made. An ode to her artistry to mark her 90th birthday.


For ENN.

This dollie was made with love for ENN.

The color purple combines the stability of blue with the fiery energy of red. Purple is the color of peace, wisdom, magic and independence. The amethyst stone on her heart encourages the healing process.

May this doll bring love and light.

Thanks to the artistry of Fiona Keats, I have found the perfect gift for my Mother’s 90th birthday: a custom-made doll. After years of watching Fiona enchant our neighbourhood with her gorgeous doll-making workshops, I commissioned a special one. It will be a one-of-a-kind offering. Fiona’s workshops bring the lost art of crafting to young and old. Thank you, Fiona!!
— Jean-Elliott Manning

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For her 5th birthday my daughter Mavis said she wanted something that sounded like an American Girl doll. I was feeling conflicted because they are mass-produced, expensive, and promote consumerism and ongoing “self-improvement” with endless additional accessories one can buy. A friend told me about Fionsy Doll Party and I learned Fionsy makes custom dolls in her home studio. As I was looking through Fionsy’s website, Mavis happened to look over my shoulder, and she pointed to the colourful, handmade dolls on the screen and exclaimed she wanted a doll like that! I was personally so relieved. Fionsy organized a video chat with Mavis to ask her what hair colour she wanted, what super powers she wanted the doll to have, and they discussed a bunch of other specifications, including some removable clothes and accessories. Fionsy was on-the-ball, because in less than a week, and right on time for Mavis’ birthday, Mavis unwrapped her fun-looking parcel and was immediately entranced, playing with the doll that SHE got to design, who she incidentally named Mavis. And Mavis has been sleeping with Mavis every night since then.
— Joanne Penhale
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