“Fionsy doll parties and camps are SUPER AMAZING! She shows you how to make something that’s in your head that you wish was real. And you can make It real!”
— Klara-Rose , 10 years old
My girls and I really appreciate the uplifting environment at Fionsy Doll Parties. We can all be together working individually and collectively on something creative, at our own pace. The music she plays is great. It’s addictive, and when it’s all over we feel great about the doll we made.

— Roxanne Ross
Fiona makes this crafting experience come alive, sparking your inner kid straight to the heart of archetype awesomeness. You come out of the party amazed at how your doll represents you so well, inside and out! Your personalized doll is a new ally in believing in magic again, a talisman for strength and love of self. Fiona really helps you channel your creative gifts and makes you so relaxed through the process! Highly suggested for any adult goddess gaggle who want to re-connect with themselves and with each other!
— Allison Ryan
Lovely time in the company of so many playful, creative spirits. The dolls “born” could not have been more different — one of the best parts of the experience was seeing how the same materials inspired so many different ideas. Thanks to Fiona, and her creative, playful encouragement.
— Donna Riley
That was so much fun!! Thank you Fiona for your great instructions and the beautiful selection of fabric, wools and embellishments. Such a fun way to be creative. You make it so easy!
— Deborah May
This was SO much fun!!! And many other things as well...thought-provoking, meditative, creative and a wonderful way to spend time with friends.

— Rhonda Buckland
The children seem so focused and calm during the doll activity. It was really nice to see how interested they were in expressing themselves in their work.
— Ruby Tagney

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