Nurturing Imagination & Creativity

Creativity happens when we bring something new from the realm of our imagination into real life. It has two parts : thinking then producing. There are many ways to learn how to be creative; experimenting, questioning, playing, making mistakes, dreaming and exploring the full potential of who we are. Learning to be creative requires practice to develop the right muscles and a supportive environment in which to flourish. The intention of my doll-making programs is to create the conditions for natural creativity to surface and confidence to grow. Through the process of making dolls with our hands, we get to practice the art of bringing our imagination to life, an invaluable skill that makes things happen! Participants are invited to join me in the realm of playfulness and possibility. I provide a beautiful selection of sustainably sourced materials to work with, practical doll-making experience and a whole lot of room to have fun and be your true self.

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” ~ Albert Einstein

Sustainability & DIY

The facts are simple.  We live on a planet with finite resources. If we keep consuming at the current rate we can expect serious environmental consequences. What we teach children today, is going to affect their lifestyle choices in the years to come. When we teach our children about sustainability we give them the the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions, think about the future, and maintain a healthier planet. Fionsy Doll Party activities repurpose unwanted consumer goods and turn them into quirky whimsical dolls and doll related toys. The message is that it can be more fun to Do It Yourself, than to buy something new. Kids not only learn new skills but also how to be resourceful, inventive and mindful of the environment.

“ I like making my own dolls better than buying plastic ones because I get to design them myself ” ~ Ella, Grade 2

Community & Celebration

Being part of a community makes us feel connected, safe, and part of something bigger than ourselves. Community celebrations are a big part of Fionsy Doll Party’s mission because they bring people together to build bonds and relationships, which are crucial to human happiness.   It’s also a great way to honour the creative spirit in all of us!

“Whatever the problem, Community is the answer”

- Meg Wheatley

Summer Block Parties are a super fun way to build community and celebrate with your neighbours!

Summer Block Parties are a super fun way to build community and celebrate with your neighbours!